Edu Coarses

Are you interested in participating in our upcoming coarses. Welcome!

MasterMind coarses; We start MasterMind coarses on a regulary basis. Do you want to know more about our next ten week mastermind

Get a Mentor or Coach in terms of passive income, do a ten hour coarse to better understand tools and reasons for adapting to living in the 4th industrial revolution.

Spanish or Swedish language practicing.

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Coarses 1 to 1 for members 19 995 Skr (1900 euros) 1900 dollar)

Coarses in groups of 3-7 members 4995 Skr (450 euros) (450 dollar)

Coarses in groups of 10-20 members 995 Skr (90 euros) ((90 dollar)